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About OYO: (Own Your Own...)

kidOYO, a non-profit education effort, produces innovative entrepreneurial MakerEd-Tech programs for students and teachers. In-school K-12 programs, after-school programs, professional development programs, library programs, University-based programs, online-only programs, summer camps and monthly clubs offer many ways of getting involved with kidOYO.

Leadership sets kidOYO apart; our team is composed of professional product and technology developers and entrepreneurs who do what they teach, and bring real world context to the programs they develop to get students learning by doing.

"Failing Forward" through hands-on iterative effort is the mantra at kidOYO. It is a method of learning that is new and unique for most students, and by working alongside teachers, kidOYO is helping to deploy a method of education in and outside of traditional school environments that helps prepare students for the future workplace where STEAM skills and entrepreneurial mindsets will be critically important for life success. [Learn More...]

Parent-Driven Technology Education

If you are an interested parent who wants to lead development of programs for your kid and your community, the process begins here:

Lead On