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Professional Feedback Loop

  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Devon and Melora in a number of educational settings and each time I’m more impressed with the knowledge and skills they bring to STEM teaching and learning. They have expertise in a number of areas such as programming, the design process, the educational use of online gaming, and they are always quick to recognize the potential of new technology and bring the most valuable aspects of that tech into their curriculum. I’ve been amazed by how quickly they recognized the educational value of emerging technology such as the MaKey MaKey or e-textiles and brought that tech into a workshop or class. I’d also highlight the positive and encouraging nature of their interactions with their students, especially their ability to implement the idea of “failing forward”, a necessary component for helping students really understand the nature of the “silent E” in STEM, engineering.
    ~ Dr. George Meadows, Professor of Science & Makerspace-In-Education Pioneer, College of Education, University of Mary Washington
  • KidOYO's Teacher Dojo is the perfect complement to any school or organization looking to train and prepare its workforce and students for our increasingly complex, 21st century environment. KidOYO supports Hartwood's professional staff development and vision of becoming a nationally recognizable STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) school site. The facilitators knowledge of progressive adult learning needs and responsiveness to learning new and emerging technologies was exactly what my staff was looking for. We are excited to have formed this partnership, and together, we will better prepare students for a life in a globally interconnected world where collaboration, creativity, and innovative thinking is valued!
    ~ Scott Elchenko, Principal & Makerspace Champion - Hartwood Elementary School, VA
  • I first spoke with Devon regarding the creation of the Fredericksburg Coder Dojo and almost immediately I could sense his passion and devotion in teaching kids computer science. He has been relentless in his efforts to obtain support and interest for the dojo, without him the dojo would not have expanded as fast as it has. Devon's passion extends much further than Coder Dojo as he is constantly pushing computer-oriented programs for kids in all facets of their lives, whether its a club that meets every month, a week long summer camp or classes taught during school. It has been a pleasure to work with Devon so far and he has a lot to offer through his programs with kidOYO.
    ~ Brandon Feldkamp, Developer & Mentor - Red Hat, Inc.
  • Devon and the kidOYO team have been instrumental in starting the Fredericksburg Coder Dojo chapter. Devon's rock solid lessons have helped excite students by realizing they can be coders while also encouraging new mentors that they can successfully engage students by sharing their knowledge. He has also brought a lot of vision and experience to get buy-in not only from students and parents but also community members so that our Dojo will have all the tools it needs to be a success.
    ~ Elliott Sperlazza, Developer & Mentor - Red Hat, Inc.
  • Devon and Melora Loffreto are a dynamic duo! They exude passion for fostering critical thinking skills and collaboration. They modeled problem-solving, which is a crucial skill for surviving and thriving. Their high level of professionalism was evident in all aspects of the program teaching students in grade 1 - 4 about robotic systems.
    ~ Lori Lenz - SCOPE/Gifted Resources - Courtland Elementary School, VA
  • Both Devon and Melora are amazing at working with students. They model and expect a high level of engagement and mutual respect in every session. Students devote every minute of the day to their task. We hope to offer more extensive programs through kidOYO, and to make these opportunities available to all of our students.
    ~ Terrie L. Cagle, Principal - Livingston Elementary School, VA
  • My kids LOVED the Minecraft Dojo experience. They are so excited to do it again. I thought my daughter would last an hour and a half tops, and she was there until the end. Thank you so much. I'll be sure to tell the school how much my son enjoys/learns from these programs. He really wants to do every kidOYO program that comes his way.
    ~ LeeAnne Bergquist, Parent - Smith Station Elementary School, VA
  • My son has participated in the kidOYO Minecraft Dojo, Maker Dojo on Staurdays and week long Maker Camp in the summer. I can not say enough wonderful things about Melora and Devon and the program they run! My son seems to have "woken up" from a long sleep of regular learning experiences! This hands on approach really lets him explore the materials, come up with experiments or solutions to problems and test them in a supportive, risk free environment. I am so happy he is able to have these experiences; especially since the common core curriculum has pushed most of the hands on learning experiences out of the schools.
    ~ Linda Scarth, Parent - Three Villages School District, Stony Brook, NY

kidOYO Program Models

  • Maker Dojo: Summer camp or immersive weekend program designed to get kids working hands-on with the tools found in an engineering lab. Students engage with various open-ended projects in an effort to prototype their own learning experience and learn about the engineering design process.
  • Coder Dojo: Designed to teach kids computational thinking skills, to write logic statements using computer code, and to explore numerous types of programming languages in an effort to build literacy around productive self-driven outcomes.
  • Minecraft Dojo: An exciting new program designed to explore collaborative learning using this popular sandbox construction game where students can build anything they can imagine. Designed for all levels of learners, with varied goals and outcomes on a per event basis.
  • Robo Dojo: Have you ever built a robot chassis? Ever seen an 8 year old engaged in the 'Engineering Design Process'? Using motors and sensors, students design and build robotic systems to accomplish defined tasks, collect data, and test their ideas.
  • Startup Dojo: Entrepreneurial thinking is a workforce development asset. Engage all levels of learners in the interactive experience of building an entrepreneurial venture over time, in a single class period, in an after-school club with teachers, or at home with parents.
  • Digital Art Dojo: Art is critical for our understanding of the world, and technology enhances this truth. This program brings the tools of artistic creativity to students who engage in tasks to visualize data using programs that render artistic views via code.

  • Teacher Dojo: Professional development will help you and your school stay ahead of the learning curve, interact with the tools of learning that young people are motivated by today and gain access to advanced consultation in the diverse area of ed-tech. We can help you understand where to make the best investments of time, effort and money to bring advanced learning materials and programs into your school, classroom or home. As professional makers and technology developers with years of manufacturing experience working with educational learning products, we understand how to structure an effective approach to bringing engineering labs or "makerspaces-for-education" into schools and libraries, and to provide teachers with an effective methodology to approach using those tools with Common Core and National Science Standards requirements.

kidOYO Leadership Team

Devon Loffreto

I have a goal: to change how education functions and how personal data is administered within the life of a young person. I want to empower kids to own their own education, to control their own data, and to use their personal leverage to make this world work better. I am fully invested into entrepreneurial ed-tech; as a parent, as a citizen, as an occupation, and as a path of value in the lives of young people.
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Melora Loffreto

I specialize in making, finding, selling and distributing developmental tools for educating young people. Whether innovating toys for developing our youngest minds, or innovating tech-based programs, I focus on delivering top quality experiences for kids and their families.
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